Diary of One Schizophrenic: Self-Acceptance, the Key to Not Letting Others Define You!

The subtle foe of insecurity is a potential threat to us all. Many, if meditating about themselves, may find that the ability to truly accept themselves on a deep level, bypassing the surface level of what we allow others to see, is lacking. In fact, what if the assertion was made that when we find ourselves becoming, “irritable or judgmental, discontent, depressed, or confused” (IP No.19 NA, Self-Acceptance) we are suffering from a lack of self- acceptance. How so? Let me explain.

The same informational pamphlet quoted above interestingly pens an observation many can relate too. “We hated ourselves and tried every way we could to become someone different. We wanted to be anyone but who we were. Unable to accept ourselves, we tried to gain acceptance of others. WE WANTED OTHERS TO GIVE US LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE WE COULD NOT GIVE OURSELVES.” (IP No.19 NA, Self-Acceptance) This is why sometimes it is very beneficial to      pause      and intensely reflect on who we are as individuals inside. Now we have heard the clichés and inspirational sayings often, “It matters what you are on the inside” and “know yourself” for example, so adopting an honest and passionate examination of our unveiled self and not our pretentions is the aim. Why?

Opinions are like a twig swaying in the wind, every which way the wind blows, so does the twig. This is us unable to accept ourselves and trying to gain acceptance at all costs by others. One would not build a house on unstable ground intentionally, so why would we build ourselves on such flimsy footing? UCLA Basketball head coach legend John Wooden has been quoted as saying, “worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are, your reputation is who people think you are.” It is only with this strong foundation can we succeed in the key result of self-acceptance, not letting others define you.

By coming to know what character assets and defaults one has, and accepting them thoroughly, a person will begin to define themselves. No longer at the mercy or “winds” of opinion or reputation. So may we all commit to going down the journey of self-acceptance. As we run towards the solid and secure feeling that results from defining ourselves and confidently saying to the anyone that may inquire, I Am…


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